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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Quick Look in Nana Plaza

A quick couple of pans from the second floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Angelwitch Start Stage Shows Now at 9:30 pm

One of Nana Plaza's perennial favorites, Angelwitch is best known for its stage shows which now kick off at 9:30 PM each evening. Angelwitch currently has more girls than it has had in some time and between shows all of the dancers get up on stage and shuffle. There were so many this week on the smallish stage that some almost fell off!

The lineup at Rainbow 4 in Nana Plaza is so good that there are probably more genuinely attractive women in Rainbow 4 than there are in all of Soi Cowboy put together.

Sitting in Rainbow 4 with all of the truly attractive, available ladies made me reflect a little about Soi Cowboy. The most attractive girls in Cowboy tend to be the coyotes who are either unavailable or available at lofty rates. And that is the big problem with Soi Cowboy these days, a bar area whose peak has passed. With coyote dancers in a number of venues, Soi Cowboy can feel like one big cock tease!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Soi Cowboy Is Not so Laid Back as It Once Was

The atmosphere at Cowboy has changed markedly and it's not the sleepy, laid-back soi it once was. With business way down there seems to be instructions across the Arab bars for the girls to stand in the middle of the soi and do whatever is necessary to get customers inside, groping included.

If you find yourself on Sukhumvit at lunch time and are feeling peckish, the buffet at the Ibis Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 4 is worth checking out. At 199 baht all up - with none of the abhorrent ++, nor any extra charges for water or coffee, it's good value, and really is a better option than the other, more famous buffet up the soi.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nana Plaza Will Continue

The master lease for Nana Plaza is as good as sold. Negotiations are complete and the master lease will be taken over by a group which owns and manages a number of popular Bangkok bars, including gogos and expat pubs. The group has a strong foothold in the industry with bars across different genres, so the Nana Plaza we know will continue!

Expect rents to go up which has to be a good thing. Higher rents means higher prices in the bars. To convince punters to part with more of their hard-earned, the bars will have to invest and look to be more innovative.

Ultimately we should see an improved Nana Plaza with nicer bars, possibly a premium product at a premium price.


Vegas GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza, Bangkok

I was seriously impressed with Vegas GoGo on the 3rd floor (next to Billboard) in Nana Plaza. They are slowly building up to be the most popular GoGo in Nana. An Angelwitch on steroids with easily the best shows in a large venue.
I was blown away by the professionalism and transitions of the shows. One or two of the show girls are professional caliber and show interest in only the shows, which was a big turn on for me.
What really did it for me was the contrast in the end of the night music played from your normal GoGo. Normally, the pop Isaan songs come on and the girls liven up a bit. The other night in Vegas the DJ put on a song from Chicago and that’s what livened up the girls.

Pmmp at Big Mango Bar

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Straps Go Go Bar in Nana Plaza

I stayed behind at Straps, which is possibly my new favorite in small go go bars. Located on 2nd floor of Nana Plaza where Cathouse used to be, it was full of dirty little strumpets with good attitudes on Saturday night.
I stayed behind at first to buy a drink for a lithe girl who was dancing a set, but moved my sights onto a tall, buxom, flat tummied girl showing about 5 inches of ass-crack above her micro-denim shorts.
Bought her a drink and spent 20 minutes or so touching her body, but her damned phone kept ringing and she kept going out to the balcony to answer it. I finally got frustrated and left.


photo by Bangkok Eyes

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Katoeys of Nana Plaza now eBook

The Katoeys of Nana Entertainment Plaza is now available as an ebook. 120 pages shot during a 3 year period in Bangkok, Thailand.
So click below, order the ebook and you can see all of the images.
"The Katoeys of Nana Entertainment Plaza,"
photographs by Randy Magnus.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Loi Krathong in Bangkok, Thailand - Cancelled

Loy Krathong Festival.
On this day the moon is at it fullest shape and the sea tide is at its highest.
Loy Krathong is November 10th.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has cancelled the Color of the River, Loy Krathong Festival 2011 in Bangkok and all festivities along the Chao Phraya River due to the flooding, resulting in the loss of more than 56 million THB of income which is supposed to be earned by the business of 30 dinner cruises on the Loy Krathong night alone.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party at Pretty Lady Bar this Friday

Pretty Lady Bar in Nana Plaza will host a special party this coming Friday, October 28, featuring sexy and lesbian shows, a mask changing show, and free snacks. The DJ will take you back to the 70s and 80s. Leo beer is available all night long at just 49 baht a glass. Best of all, proceeds from the party will be donated to the flood victims.
Great stuff!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Rain at Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand

It's hard to see which is the busiest or most popular bar area in Bangkok these days with Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza battling it out.
At this time of year, Cowboy suffers more from the rain than any other bar area.
Soi 33 is prone to flooding and soi 22 can be a mess at times too, but those are very much second tier bar areas. Patpong never seems to be too bad and Nana Plaza doesn't suffer terribly either - and you have the advantage of awnings covering most of the plaza so while getting in or out might be a nuisance, moving between the venues is not.
But Soi Cowboy gets it worst and it isn't unusual to see much of the soi underwater few times every rainy season. This year's rainy season has been the worst in memory - and this week they're predicting more water to descend on Bangkok, both from the heavens and from overflowing dams up north!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cascade - A Fun Place to Hang Out with Lots of Ladyboys

The number one ladyboy bar in Nana Plaza, around 60 ladyboys available, all tastes will be satisfied.. beer 145, ladydrink 130 – 150 baht.. but beware, check your bin immediately after receiving, because the papa-san likes to put his drink bill in your bin… !!!!
They have a good cabaret show at midnight…. some superstars from internet also working there.. unfortunately I was very drunk, so not many pictures.. lol

Update from Your Thailand.

More Rain at Nana Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand

It looks like there is lots of rain in Bangkok. You have got to watch your footing, and for puddles of water on your way to your favorite gogo club in Nana Plaza. But after you arrive, might as well settle down with some drink and a warm body, and hope that the aircon doesn't get turned on too high.

(photos by Your Thailand)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain Now Too Much at Soi Cowboy

As is the norm at this time of year, bar and restaurant trade is detrimentally affected by the rain.
We've had rain pretty much every day, often heavy, and some nights it has continued to fall for hours.
Bangkok might be good for a fun night out, but when it rains the combination of bad traffic, slippery streets and the idea of getting to a bar drenched and then sitting in ice-cold air-conditioning makes it an easy decision to just to stay home.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eating Options in Pattaya, part 1

There is the old-school style where you can find the real Thai food.

Like this dish of spicy SOM TUM with chicken and rice.

Or you can eat along the street some chicken noodle soup.

And there is the popular food court with a wide variety of choices, like this kebab stand.

Or just stop by, select your combination of fruit for a freshly made fruit smoothie.

See more on
The Pattaya Photo Blog

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Angelwitch Bangkok

Everyone has their favorite seat to watch the show at Angel Witch in Nana Plaza. Where is your favorite spot?

Angelwitch Bangkok now has a website.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ladyboys, Food, and Bad Weather in Koh Chang, Thailand

So my choice for vacation was Kacha Resort in Koh Chang at white sand beach… raining all day long, clouds, no sun, and red flag at the beach with high waves.. and it was cold.

It's better to go in March. Better weather.

Pattaya Photo Blog

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is the End Near for Nana Plaza? Say It Isn't So.....

The land owners don't appear to be interested in re-leasing to the bars at Nana Plaza, but rather selling the land.
I have said it before, and I will say it again - the land on which Nana Plaza sits is much too valuable for a bunch of gogo bars, some of which generate very little revenue.

My prediction? In 18 months Nana Plaza will be history and the soi 4 we have come to know will change forever.

read more about what Stickman has to say at:

Dean Barrett recently mentioned
'there seems to be some question about the future of Nana Plaza, in this case after the end of 2012.
Tracking down ownership of anything in Thailand can be a tricky business but it seems Indians are leasing the place from Chinese who, for all I know, are leasing it from members of Scientology or Falan Kung.'
Dean Barrett

Just say it isn't so........

Werewolf says
"Other nightlife options that have opened to the east as older venues have closed include Penalty Spot near Soi 29, and a slew of places on Soi 11. The owners of Coyote opened the Australia Pub on 11 a couple years back, and are about to open a wine & tapas bar nearby on the same soi.

Queen’s Park Plaza seems to be showing signs of some resurgence, and there’s a vibrant nightlife along Sois Thong Lo and Ekkamai. Sherbert & Piano can’t be said to be “new” anymore, but they’re not long in the tooth yet.

If NEP closes it’ll put a dent in the go go bar business, but there’ll certainly be no shortage of entertainment options. And with Bangkok being Bangkok, it’s likely that the P4P businesses lost at NEP would find an outlet in some form and some location somewhere else.
Perhaps a few stops north on Ratchadapisek Road, linking to the massage heaven of Hway Kwang, or maybe a bit further out along the now extended BTS line, east of Onnut, or even somewhere to the south near Khlong Toei.

One thing is sure; Bangkok won’t close down if NEP does."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Checking Out Nana Entertainment Plaza

Nana Plaza: I had not been to Nana Plaza for awhile and decided to check it out.
On the bright side, there are some mighty purty ladies dancing there and it is fun to sit at Big Dogs or Lucky Lukes and watch the ladies come to work (some are real ladies).

Dave the Rave, while managing Angel Witch, is also in overall charge of the new Billboard Bar (which will be expanded). I also like the beer bars in the center of the place, the shape, etc., is pretty cool.

I can say that a fellah can definitely have some fun at night in Nana.
Dean Barrett

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shanghai Bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Easily the best hostess bar we visited in Phnom Penh was Shanghai Bar, located on street 51, not far from the long-running Walkabout, a low-end guesthouse with even lower-end damsels lingering in the open-air freelancer bar on the ground floor.
Back to Shanghai Bar, it is well-run, had really great food, but the highlight was the friendly and attractive girls decked out in sumptuously short black miniskirts.
(Especially this one girl...)


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mr. Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is named after T. G. "Cowboy" Edwards, a retired American airman who opened one of the first bars there in 1977.
A tall African-American, Edwards got his nickname because he invariably wore a cowboy hat, and he ran the Cowboy Bar on that Soi.

photo of TG Cowboy Edwards supplied by Bangkok Eyes.
additional information on the history can be found here:
Soi Cowboy history.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Nana Plaza Making A Comeback

Six months ago Nana Plaza in Bangkok was a shadow of its former self. Some even called it a waste of space. Soi Cowboy was the most popular bar area. Things have changed.

Attitudes at Cowboy have deteriorated horribly and prices have shot up while Nana seems to be experiencing something of a renaissance. Who could have predicted how the industry would be turned on its head in such a short space of time?

Are we witnessing the start of a new era? Nana Plaza is the new Soi Cowboy, and Las Vegas is the new Tilac.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Bar in Nana Plaza Ready To Open

The newest bar in Nana Plaza, Las Vegas, on the top floor, next to Billboard, is virtually ready to open, and will open its doors officially on Monday, June 27th.
The bar features a casino table-themed dance floor, a mezzanine floor, part of which has a glass table and poles that from which the girls can slide down to the dance floor below a la Angelwitch Pattaya.

Now all they have to do is find a bunch of pretty girls to fill the place with...


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Girls at The Bank

The Bank THIRD Anniversary Party @ THE PIMP
A sample of some of the girls associated with members-only clubs in Bangkok, Thailand.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas Lone Star to Close

Saturday May 28th will be the last day for the famed Texas Lone Star Saloon in Bangkok (Washington Square).

Party at 3 p.m. buy ladies drinks, retell tales of the Lone Star over the years, find a new home for my detective who has been living over the place.

Good ole boys descending from across Thailand to be there so get there early.

Dean Barrett

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bangkok Nightlife Update by Werewolf

Brought Werewolf out of retirement for a little Bangkok nightlife update:

Nana Plaza:
Billboard - yes, been there. It's Carousel with a hot tub added. The girls were dirty (in a good way).
DC-10. Same night. Stopped in for a drink. Forgettable.

The Beer carts in the center of Nana Plaza are what they are I guess. I haven't been to them.
For beer bars, pick from about 7 of them stretched along Soi 4 from Morning Night, through Strickers, to the newest one across from Golden Bar (dunno the name). They are usually full of both girls and customers.

I'm in Soi Cowboy regularly. Looks to be full of Yanks & other white faces. It's heaving most nights; at least in the main bars. Most of the bars are half or full nude these days at Cowboy, which I like.

Chiang Mai is a nice town, with a reasonable night life. The pay for play is limited, but doable. I hooked up with two girls there... one a serious cutie that I barfined almost nightly, the other a spot-pick up from a beer bar for 1,000 baht. The price is right. They also have three fish bowl massage places. just got a short write up on Sutthisan Road, which is generally accurate -- more so if you read the comments at the end. At one-price 1,500 (bar fine & tip) for the girls, it's a hassle free, low cost option.

(ex-Bangkok nightlife blogger)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soi Cowboy vs Nana Plaza by Stickman

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok.

In summary:
These days there's little to separate Nana and Cowboy.
Both feature similar style bars staffed with girls from the same part of the country, similar shows, similar pricing, similar attitudes and similar service standards.
In short, they share more in common than not. There is no clear winner and it's tough to make a case that one bar area is better than the other.
But if you were forced to make a decision - and it would be a points decision rather than a knock out - Nana has more girls, and the girls in Nana are, arguably, girl for girl, prettier. There is a case that Nana Plaza has regained the crown.

(To read the rest of the article, which includes pricing, attitudes, ladyboys, and more, click on the author's name.)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Mango Bar Does a Remodel Job

Looks like the Big Mango Bar that's located off Soi 4 in Bangkok has redone its entrance way, creating an open-air patio for the smokers.
Also, it looks like the bar has been moved to along one of the walls.
Check it out, enjoy a beer and the special of the day is usually worth getting. Rumor has it that the prices have gone up, but only slightly. Still a nice retreat from or a meeting place to Nana Plaza that's around the corner.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Under The Escalator at Nana Plaza

For the last three months, a small "game of chance" parlor has been operating underneath the escalator in Nana Plaza in Bangkok. It doesn't look like any heavy-duty betting is going on - apparently something to keep the drivers, etc, occupied.

Bangkok Eyes