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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party at Pretty Lady Bar this Friday

Pretty Lady Bar in Nana Plaza will host a special party this coming Friday, October 28, featuring sexy and lesbian shows, a mask changing show, and free snacks. The DJ will take you back to the 70s and 80s. Leo beer is available all night long at just 49 baht a glass. Best of all, proceeds from the party will be donated to the flood victims.
Great stuff!



Your Pattaya Blog said...

Wow.. I really wanna go BKK more often, but the flood.. dunno where to park, and the traffic situation is crazy there..

I passed BKK last week, left Pattaya in the morning, came back in the evening, for only 140 km one way!!! crazy traffic..

Anonymous said...

I got a stiffy in Pretty Lady Bar one night only to discover when I got the bitch back to my hotel that she was in act a bloke and not a bitch after all. I tell ya - this she man was a looker but when it so shyly said, "My name not Ting Tong; my name Tong Ting the penny finally dropped. But, in for penny and in for a pound and being in the mood to do some pounding, I gave it a good seeing to for which it was eternaly grateful and was wanting to repay the favour however being the tight ass that I am I declind the offer and sent it away with something else than a tail between its legs.