Nana Journals

An anthology of some of the best writings, photos, and information pertaining to the Bangkok
nightlife featuring comments and highlights from the best blogs and websites on the subject.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jack Shepherd View of Nana Plaza

The infamous Nana Entertainment Plaza, a three story U-shaped structure crammed with flashing neon lights, go-go bars, cold beer, and beautiful young Thai girls.

If Nana Plaza had been in L.A., it would have been called a strip mall. On the other hand, if Nana Plaza had been in L.A., it would have been just another crummy collection of video rental stores, falafel stands, dry cleaners, tanning salons, frozen yogurt parlors, and discount luggage shops.
It would not have been, as it was in Bangkok, the world’s biggest cat house.

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Jake Needham

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pattaya - No Smoking Rule In GoGo Bars

I see by these shots from Your Pattaya Photo Blog that the no smoking law is not being enforced. The dancers would be much cutier if they didn't smell of cigarettes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Patpong's Electric Blue GoGo Bar

Bikinis handed out, bellies full and high on bottled confidence, the girls strut their stuff on stage as punters begin arriving. It's just another night at the office in Electric Blue GoGo Bar in Patpong.

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Editor's Note: Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

When I started this website about Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy, Werewolf was always losing his wallet and cell phone, Bangkok Bad Boy was bringing dirty girls to short-time hotels and writing about it, Mango Sauce was talking about who-knows-what (I rarely understood what he was saying, but he had interesting stats.)
Pattaya Ghost was getting in trouble with bar owners for commenting about something or other that they didn't like.
Dean Barrett was either photographing a friend's wife upcountry (Fon), or hanging out with his favorite Coyote dancer (he even went to her university graduation,) or just getting wonderfully distracted by some gogo girl who walks by thinking he's too old and Dean thinks that she just hasn't realized their short-time love yet.

Elephants were seen at the entrance of Nana Plaza at night, or walking through Soi Cowboy looking for tourists to pay to feed the animals.
I never did really know if the blog Bangkok Girlfriend was written by a real Thai girl, or some white girl, or some white guy. The English was too good, talking about things that guys wanted to hear.
I've forgotten what twofatfarangs were writing about. The Big Mango Bar use to be inside Nana Plaza, before moving down into my old neighborhood on the sub-soi, and their blog had the address of 'Farang Speak 2 Much.' Hog's Breath was a neighborhood bar inside Nana Plaza for expats, until Spanky's took over the space.

Baron Bonk would write about what he saw when he made the rounds of the Bangkok clubs. No more.

Dave The Rave is still giving us updates on his blog and managing Angelwitch. Stickman is still doing his weekly column on his website with photos. (The Not Stickman anti-Stickman site came and went with some uproar.)
Bangkok Eyes is still going with its commentary and photos of entrance ways.

Many of the blogs about the nightlife of Bangkok are gone. We need more blogs to be written on this subject to provide a more rounded impression of the scene.

Does anyone know of any good blogs that are currently being written on the subject of the nightlife of Bangkok, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Pattaya? Let me know.

Soi Cowboy Closed For Holidays

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand was found closed for the Buddhist holidays recently by Stickman, who mentioned that Soi Cowboy was in complete darkness and unlike Sukhumvit soi 4, it didn't have anyone hanging around, looking lost, like what we found outside of Nana Entertainment Plaza.