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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nana Plaza Update (3-13)

Inside Nana Entertainment Plaza the Pretty Lady Bar took down their Nana Main Station because of complaints that it was so bright and that it was hurting people's eyes.  The sign was replaced with a red on black canvas sign which you can only read if you're standing right in front of it!  Compare that to the lovely new sign at Lollipop, right next door, which stands out all around the plaza.

Nana Liquid Disco, across the street on the ground floor of the Nana Hotel, remains closed.  It was reported last week that it had closed due to the strict enforcement of 2 AM closing on Soi Nana - which continues to be enforced.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pretty Lady at Nana Plaza 2013

 The current Pretty Lady crew are a fun bunch and it is the attitudes of 
the girls and the general atmosphere of the bar that sets it apart.
 Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar features a floor-mounted wind machine which 
the DJ turns on without warning, causing the girls' skirts to be blown up.  
Shrieking and laughter follows as the girls quickly push their 
skimpy skirts back down to maintain their dignity.
Pretty Lady has such genuinely friendly girls, but more than anything, it's just good plain fun.  The 2013 version of Pretty Lady Bar on the ground level of Nana Plaza really does recapture the fun of the bars in the good old days!

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Pretty Lady Bar in Nana Plaza is holding an erotic party on Saturday, 30th March, with free food and shows.  Coupons worth 4 drinks will be sold and you can go in to a lucky draw to win a barfine for a sexy dancer.  All are welcome.