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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Bar Blessing

I got to witness the bar-blessing ceremony. A girl took a pair of what I believe are called “khiks” (a khik is a big wooden stick shaped like some kind of gargantuan knob), tapped it around the doorframe, and then tapped the clasped hands of each of the bargirls in turn. I held out my hands, and also got a “good luck” tap from the big wooden phalluses. How many people can say that?
Bangkok Bad Boy

Stickman comments....

In some bar areas, particularly Nana Plaza, the bars are much tamer than they were 5 years ago. Back then there were dance contests, really raunchy dance contests and bars would do record trade those nights. The legendary Nanapong dance contests of 2000 and 2001 packed out the largest venues and guys around the world were known to plan their whole holiday around the date of such contests....

The girls these days are businesswomen. Don't misunderstand that. Just because they are young, and pretty and don't speak good English doesn't mean that they're not shrewd operators...

(photo from Pattaya Addicts)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dave's Birthday Party on April 30th

Dave The Rave will be having his 44th Birthday Party on Monday, April 30th, at Angelwitch in Nana Plaza. Everyone should stop by and buy him a drink. Tell him Nana Journals sent you.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Exodus to Cambodia and Chasing Ladyboys by Stickman

The new visa restrictions have caused a major exodus of foreigners out of Thailand and this is almost certainly the major contributing factor to the swelling of the expat population in Phnom Penh. Reports suggest that the number of Westerners in the Cambodian capital has soared over the last year, particularly the last 6 months - exactly the period since the new visa restrictions appeared. The numbers are upsetting some who have complained that men now outnumber women at weekends in some of the city's popular nightlife venues. These new arrivals are exactly the type that the Thai authorities were hoping to get rid of, and would appear to have succeeded in doing so. It is no coincidence that the attitude of Khmers towards foreigners has started hardening.....

I have to be careful what I say because not a small number of you are fans of cocks in frocks, but for those of you who are not, you'll be pleased to know that there was something of a foot race in the Soi 4 area on Wednesday night involving the boys in brown and the you know whats in frocks. Creeping out of the shadows in the Nana Hotel car park, two boys in brown crept up on a bunch of trans-sexuals who bolted across the road into the plaza where they sought refuge. Unconfirmed rumours have it that Dave The Rave took the tall beauties in.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Songkran Photos

Mango Sauce
Does anyone have any good photos of the water fights of this past Songkran celebration? Email them to:
for us to possibility use them here.

Hog's Breath Goes Fishing & Golfing

And so can you. Just sign up with Michael for the May 18th Fishing Derby where you can catch some 60 pound catfish (I've been there, and the fish are really big), and on the following day (May 19th) join in for the Annual Spring Golf Tournament at the Bangkok Golf Club. A fun time is had for everyone.
See Hog's Breath members to sign up.

Hog's Breath didn't die, they just went fishing.
Join them for a day of fun.
(As they always said: We're here to work on our alcoholism, sex addiction, and our game of golf.) And so can you.
Hogs Breath Saloon

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Sign The Japanese Are Taking Over?

Many of the women plying their trade these days at Thermae are employees of Japanese-oriented establishments, venturing to the Thermae Coffee House for a bit of extra cash when the establishment they usually work out of has closed for the evening. And if you're not Japanese, there is every chance that they aren't interested in you at any price! Approaching one girl who I was trying to set up with a friend, she told me in reasonable English that, "I no speak English, only Thai and Japanese."
There was a look of horror on her face when I responded in Thai that Thai would not be a problem and that I really would appreciate finding someone to keep my friend company for the evening, and she was out of there in a flash!
The rule of fours must rule in Thermae, and not available to Westerners!

(I thought the girls considered the rules of three applied to the Japanese: a three inch unit which lasts for three minutes for three thousand baht. - No offense, it's what some Thai girl told me.)
I remember being in a club once when a group of Japanese guys sat right next to the stage, and the more excited they got by the go-go girls on stage, the faster they puffed on their cigarettes. When they were asked to spread the lotion on the girl's leg while she was lying on stage, the entire room filled with smoke.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dave The Rave Has New Photos

Lots of new photos from Dave The Rave. He even has some
of those cute little modified-traditional-costumed Thai dancers
with the finger-extensions from Angelwitch. Check it out.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Angelwitch at Nana Plaza

Found this on Bangkok Bad Boy's site. Added some music to make the viewing more enjoyable. (This may not stay up for a longtime, so enjoy video for short-time.)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pattaya, Thailand, Songkran, #1

Its that time of the year again, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees, its time to celebrate the Thai new year and to get wet.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stickman Is Back from Udon

I got back to Miss Udon's house and was sitting outside when another bunch of kids came along to see the farang. I got chatting with them and after a while one of the kid's mothers comes along. She introduced herself and sat down to chat. I can only assume that she was a lonely housewife for she had the eye of a woman who had not had a bit in a while, a real shame because she was pretty. We got chatting and she mentioned that she would like to find a farang guy. No kidding honey, it's obvious to all.

Miss Udon, who had been inside attending to the evening meal, came outside and they chatted away for a while. The pretty one asked me about what farang guys look for in a woman and I told her that in serious relationships, Western guys held honesty and integrity very highly indeed. I told her that Western men generally found Thai women attractive so finding a pretty woman was not difficult. What Western men looked for was an honest woman who they could form a bond with, and that was not so easy to find. She explained that she was up in the village for a few days only and that she actually lived and worked in Bangkok herself. She said that she was honest and that she really wanted to find a farang guy. Seeing how she looked and listening to what she said, I mentioned that I know a few guys who may be interested. She passed on her phone number to Miss Udon.

The pretty one had a daughter, one of the kids who I had been chatting with before she had come along. The daughter had been sitting close by, minding her own business, sipping away on a cup of Coke that had had a bunch of sweets thrown into it, some sort of local Isaan treat I guess. But at that point she decided it was her cue to say something and she piped up. "But Mummy, mummy, what about the guy you told me about who you have been seeing in Bangkok, the one you said you might marry!" The look on mummy's face was priceless as she realised that everything she had just said about being honest had now been shown to be a lie. She scurried off very quickly.....