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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Sign The Japanese Are Taking Over?

Many of the women plying their trade these days at Thermae are employees of Japanese-oriented establishments, venturing to the Thermae Coffee House for a bit of extra cash when the establishment they usually work out of has closed for the evening. And if you're not Japanese, there is every chance that they aren't interested in you at any price! Approaching one girl who I was trying to set up with a friend, she told me in reasonable English that, "I no speak English, only Thai and Japanese."
There was a look of horror on her face when I responded in Thai that Thai would not be a problem and that I really would appreciate finding someone to keep my friend company for the evening, and she was out of there in a flash!
The rule of fours must rule in Thermae, and not available to Westerners!

(I thought the girls considered the rules of three applied to the Japanese: a three inch unit which lasts for three minutes for three thousand baht. - No offense, it's what some Thai girl told me.)
I remember being in a club once when a group of Japanese guys sat right next to the stage, and the more excited they got by the go-go girls on stage, the faster they puffed on their cigarettes. When they were asked to spread the lotion on the girl's leg while she was lying on stage, the entire room filled with smoke.

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