Nana Journals

An anthology of some of the best writings, photos, and information pertaining to the Bangkok
nightlife featuring comments and highlights from the best blogs and websites on the subject.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remembering Hogs Breath Saloon

Remembering back in the day when Hogs Breath Saloon was a gathering place and watering hole for the expats on the second floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza.
It was the first place many would go after arriving in Bangkok, just to see who else was in town.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Soi Cowboy - Bangkok

Soi Cowboy - Bangkok, originally uploaded by Asiacamera.

No wonder they call it a "red light district."
photo by Asiacamera.

New Year's at Nana Entertainment Plaza

The Nana Plaza is probably Bangkok's only "community" Night Entertainment Area. Last month we noted they had a communal Christmas tree, and now this month - free musical performances on New Year's Eve - that is if you call look thoong music.....
Take note - they went all out on the New Year's decorations. Good work, lads.....

Bangkok Eyes

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ladyboys Coming Soon to Soi Cowboy

The flavor of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok will change next month and what I hinted at several months ago will soon become reality.
Joy Bar will be replaced by Cockatoo, and with a name like that it can only be Soi Cowboy's first.....drum roll.....ladyboy bar! I believe there is (was?) a ladyboy or two in Midnite but there's no dedicated ladyboy bar in Cowboy so this will be a first.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Be Nice to Your Hotel Employees

When I'm in Bangkok, on my way back from the 7/11 (after I’d bought my supply of Red Bull for the day) I’d stop at one of the carts selling fresh fruit along the sidewalk on Sukhumvit. I’d spend 20 Baht and bring back a bag of fresh cut mango for the ladies working the front desk in my hotel.

The ladies were very surprised and very happy at my small gesture of kindness. I figured they would all still talk behind my back about what a horrible, bar-fining farang I was for bringing bar and massage girls back to my hotel room at all times of the day and night but at least they’d think I was a “kind-hearted, horrible, bar-fining farang!"

Bangkok After Hours

Foodland on Soi 5 in Bangkok Has Reopened

Foodland on Soi 5, home of the branch of Took Lae Dee that is so popular with foreigners on Sukhumvit, has reopened this past Thursday. The diner's lay out has been redesigned and now it is shaped like an island with seating all around the outside as opposed to the food prep and cooking section being up against the wall as it was. The number of seats has just about doubled.

I still maintain that the Foodland at Soi 16 is a much more pleasant experience with a much better standard of patron.