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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Short-Time Rooms In Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza has some hidden short time hotels, such as:
ST hotel 1: 2nd floor (3rd to septics) - in between Cascade and Carnival.
ST hotel 2: 2nd floor again, turn right out of Hollywood Carousel and it’s past the stairwell, next door to the beauty salon, above Farang Connection and Rainbow 3.
ST hotel 3: 4th floor(!) - go to the doorway of Erotica, but go up the small staircase instead of going into the bar. Past the door into Erotica’s (closed?) second floor, keep going straight ahead and don’t look down.
ST hotel 4: Mandarin?
Mandarin bar may or may not also have short-time rooms available upstairs (Some girls say it does, others deny it completely. Upstairs has been closed recently so maybe that has something to do with it)…

Bangkok Bad Boy at Farang Speaks 2 Much

In the short time ‘hotels’ within Nana Entertainment Plaza itself they are about 300bht an hour for a very basic room. The beds are big and not that bad (in other places, such as one I used recently in Pattaya, the bed was impossibly hard). The room had a shower and towels and soap.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slow Season for Working Girls

The woes of the working girl can be heard nightly on the streets “Not have Farangs tonight. Go with me please?. I very horny. I give you special.”

…and later you get…

“This low season. I not have many customers. Can you give me one more thousand?. Have to pay rent, send buffalo to chiropractor, buy new kidney for mama, etc.”.

The Farang Speaks 2 Much

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too Much To Handle

Genuine Advert from Phuket Gazette magazine June 2003

No key money, just take over payments. Great exterior condition. Attitude may need slight adjustment. Will cook if hungry. Will clean for jewelry. Expert in hand phone operation, sofa management and budget mishandling.
Genuine reason for sale - owner bankrupt!
Call now, this offer won't last.
(I have removed the phone number!)

from Bangkok Bob

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pattaya Distractions

In the Walking Street go-go bars you are trying to have a sensible conversation and a hot babe thrusts her perfectly shaped figure upon you. I find that very distracting don’t you? It’s funny how we never get to finish the conversation.
Oh well guys, this is one of the “hazards” of visiting Pleasure Palaces in Pattaya.
Dave The Rave

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shy Thai Girls - Moving to Udon?

Before I met her I thought I’d grown tired of shy Thai girls; prefering experienced go-go girls rather than bashful blanket-grabbers.
But with Nam I dig that shyness all over again, the buzz of carefully coaxing them out of their shells, and making them feel comfortable with you. With Nam her sexuality is now starting to shine through, whereas before I was making all the moves. Now that her inhibitions are rolling away the love-making gets better every time.....

What was supposed to be just a weekend in Udon turned into a whole week.
Now I’m back in Pattaya wondering why I returned. This town always seems lonely and dilapidated this time of year, strange and oblivious characters trawling the streets, and old and familiar faces in the places you don’t want to be.....

I quite like Udon.
There’s a small expat community there, a few bars, a modern mall and some decent western restaurants. The massage parlours are a bit down-market. I won’t be visiting them again. But I can definitely see myself moving there. In fact, we spent the last few days house-hunting.

Anybody want to buy a bar?

Two Fat Farangs

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Making Merit

Here in Thailand men can make merit by becoming a monk for a short period of time in their lives.
Women can’t become monks. But women can make merit by giving money to mom and dad. How can a country full of poor women easily and quickly make merit?
The Nana Disco, folks, that’s how.

comment from Farang Speaks 2 Much

Now Open Until 2 AM

Now the go-go clubs and beer bars in Bangkok can stay open until 2 am, a good chance for all of you nite owls to check out some of the newer dance routines at Angelwitch. Last time I was there this is when they tried out the new stage shows.
(I personally will miss the old school Thai dance parties and celebrations which use to take place at Hog's Breath from 1 to 2 am. Everyone was welcomed to step in and dance along to the old Thai songs.)
Thanks for the update from Dave The Rave.
(Who recently upgraded to a more interactive blog-like program on his website. Check it out.)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Is Mango Sauce Gone?

Dave of Mango Sauce, mentioned that the website was going to be put on the back burner after a reduced viewer-ship due to what Dave believed to be a reduction in Google listings. And then losing his AdSense advertising account, he felt he had to get a real job.

But now it appears
to be gone entirely.
I didn't always understand where he was coming from, or what he was talking about,
but I appreciated that he was there.
Mango Sauce will be missed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nothing Like Being in Thailand

A friend of mine (like many guys) who has to live outside of Thailand for most of the year said, “It doesn’t matter what I do in Farangland because nothing compares to Thailand. Even though the bars are closed for a public holiday Thailand is still a much better option than being in Farangland.”
Dave The Rave

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bringing Your Dad Along

The comedy routine started when Papa would take a girl every time he saw one he fancied, which was often. My friend could not keep track and said that Papa had a different bargirl in his room every time he knocked on his door.
My friend approaches Papa’s hotel room... “Dad don’t lie to me. Have you got another girl in there?”
Papa felt he had to oblige every time he was introduced to a lovely young lady of the night. Each time Papa sheepishly opened his hotel door there was a hot babe in his bed. After several episodes of Papa’s playboy antics, my friend finally said to us,
“I’m fed up with being Papa’s pimp!”

A Free Happy Time

How 'bout those Italian women, huh? In a northern town in Italy, the police have started arresting the johns who invite ladies into their cars. And fine them.
That didn't set well with the entertainment providers. So the good ladies have said that if the johns show receipts for what they paid the police they will give the johns a free happy time. A wonderful spirit of entrepreneurship!
Dean Barrett

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Secrets Bar by Hammer

In Pattaya on Soi 14 is a bar called the Secrets Bar.
Hammer seems to be managing the place and promoting it with photos of its parties.
Seems like a friendly place.
Happy Birthday to whoever.

Pattaya - Cover Up or Face Closure

Beer Bars and Go-Go Bars told to cover up or face closure.

Police Colonel Sutin, the Superintendent of Pattaya Police along with Khun Ronagit, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, chaired this Friday Morning Meeting attended by 360 staff members of Beer Bars and Go-Go Bars operating here in Pattaya. They were told that the Police and Pattaya Administration will no longer tolerate explicit shows and nakedness in the bars of Pattaya and any establishment found to be disregarding these orders will face a minimum of a 60 day closure order and even the revocation of entertainment and liquor licenses. It is thought that a Bar Crackdown will shortly follow to ensure that bars are following these newly enforced regulations.