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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shy Thai Girls - Moving to Udon?

Before I met her I thought I’d grown tired of shy Thai girls; prefering experienced go-go girls rather than bashful blanket-grabbers.
But with Nam I dig that shyness all over again, the buzz of carefully coaxing them out of their shells, and making them feel comfortable with you. With Nam her sexuality is now starting to shine through, whereas before I was making all the moves. Now that her inhibitions are rolling away the love-making gets better every time.....

What was supposed to be just a weekend in Udon turned into a whole week.
Now I’m back in Pattaya wondering why I returned. This town always seems lonely and dilapidated this time of year, strange and oblivious characters trawling the streets, and old and familiar faces in the places you don’t want to be.....

I quite like Udon.
There’s a small expat community there, a few bars, a modern mall and some decent western restaurants. The massage parlours are a bit down-market. I won’t be visiting them again. But I can definitely see myself moving there. In fact, we spent the last few days house-hunting.

Anybody want to buy a bar?

Two Fat Farangs

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