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Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas Lone Star to Close

Saturday May 28th will be the last day for the famed Texas Lone Star Saloon in Bangkok (Washington Square).

Party at 3 p.m. buy ladies drinks, retell tales of the Lone Star over the years, find a new home for my detective who has been living over the place.

Good ole boys descending from across Thailand to be there so get there early.

Dean Barrett

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bangkok Nightlife Update by Werewolf

Brought Werewolf out of retirement for a little Bangkok nightlife update:

Nana Plaza:
Billboard - yes, been there. It's Carousel with a hot tub added. The girls were dirty (in a good way).
DC-10. Same night. Stopped in for a drink. Forgettable.

The Beer carts in the center of Nana Plaza are what they are I guess. I haven't been to them.
For beer bars, pick from about 7 of them stretched along Soi 4 from Morning Night, through Strickers, to the newest one across from Golden Bar (dunno the name). They are usually full of both girls and customers.

I'm in Soi Cowboy regularly. Looks to be full of Yanks & other white faces. It's heaving most nights; at least in the main bars. Most of the bars are half or full nude these days at Cowboy, which I like.

Chiang Mai is a nice town, with a reasonable night life. The pay for play is limited, but doable. I hooked up with two girls there... one a serious cutie that I barfined almost nightly, the other a spot-pick up from a beer bar for 1,000 baht. The price is right. They also have three fish bowl massage places. just got a short write up on Sutthisan Road, which is generally accurate -- more so if you read the comments at the end. At one-price 1,500 (bar fine & tip) for the girls, it's a hassle free, low cost option.

(ex-Bangkok nightlife blogger)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soi Cowboy vs Nana Plaza by Stickman

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok.

In summary:
These days there's little to separate Nana and Cowboy.
Both feature similar style bars staffed with girls from the same part of the country, similar shows, similar pricing, similar attitudes and similar service standards.
In short, they share more in common than not. There is no clear winner and it's tough to make a case that one bar area is better than the other.
But if you were forced to make a decision - and it would be a points decision rather than a knock out - Nana has more girls, and the girls in Nana are, arguably, girl for girl, prettier. There is a case that Nana Plaza has regained the crown.

(To read the rest of the article, which includes pricing, attitudes, ladyboys, and more, click on the author's name.)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Mango Bar Does a Remodel Job

Looks like the Big Mango Bar that's located off Soi 4 in Bangkok has redone its entrance way, creating an open-air patio for the smokers.
Also, it looks like the bar has been moved to along one of the walls.
Check it out, enjoy a beer and the special of the day is usually worth getting. Rumor has it that the prices have gone up, but only slightly. Still a nice retreat from or a meeting place to Nana Plaza that's around the corner.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Under The Escalator at Nana Plaza

For the last three months, a small "game of chance" parlor has been operating underneath the escalator in Nana Plaza in Bangkok. It doesn't look like any heavy-duty betting is going on - apparently something to keep the drivers, etc, occupied.

Bangkok Eyes

Monday, May 02, 2011

Katoeys of Nana Plaza

Check out this photo book on the Katoeys (or ladyboys) of Nana Plaza taken a few years ago.

YouTube preview.