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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soi Cowboy vs Nana Plaza by Stickman

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok.

In summary:
These days there's little to separate Nana and Cowboy.
Both feature similar style bars staffed with girls from the same part of the country, similar shows, similar pricing, similar attitudes and similar service standards.
In short, they share more in common than not. There is no clear winner and it's tough to make a case that one bar area is better than the other.
But if you were forced to make a decision - and it would be a points decision rather than a knock out - Nana has more girls, and the girls in Nana are, arguably, girl for girl, prettier. There is a case that Nana Plaza has regained the crown.

(To read the rest of the article, which includes pricing, attitudes, ladyboys, and more, click on the author's name.)


1 comment:

Peters David said...

Fraud Alert.

Mandarin at Nana Plaza will rob you. I paid the bar fine, paid for drinks, the girl took my 2,000 baht, and then bailed told the Mama-san that I refused to pay her.

Mama-san and owner will not back you up. You will stay robbed. The police will not help.