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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bangkok Protests, Is Another Coup on the Way?

Images from Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Gathering of Bangkok Bloggers

Head over to the Duke for refreshment and civil conversation.
I turn out to be lucky and encounter Smitty and Pmmp and chinwag with them, then I am subjected to a barrage of insults from Daywalker, have an intellectual discussion with master wordsmith Bangkok Bad Boy and sit opposite Werewolf who after a couple of hours meets your gaze in an off beam way by staring at a point 6 centimetres to the right of your head.
John Brown pops in wearing Hawaiian shirt number 47 and helps me put credit on my phone. We order some mixed starters and all talk about nothing in particular.

To round the evening off perfectly some of us hit the gogos mixing the in-yer-face proximity of the naked Rubenesques of the Cactus Club, The 5 star rockers and the Baccara spinners in their schoolgirl outfits.
That dancer in whatever bar it was who has perfected the booty shuffle comes to sit next to me and drinks her coke. I want to tell her that I plan on going home alone but never get round to it. One butt cheeks fits perfectly into the cup of my hand. I resist slipping a finger up as I have popcorn to eat – got to get my priorities right – right?

Fatigue slowly gets to me as I bid farewell to the gang. Werewolf is shortly going to lose his wallet, his mobile phone or both, but it’s like the tides of the sea –inevitable – who am I to interfere?

Doctor Bond

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dollhouse in Pattaya

Ken also is reportedly taking offers for Dollhouse, which he bought in 2006. Largely responsible for the revival of Walking Street, Dollhouse these days is more akin to a Doghouse. During a prime-time visit this week, only four other customers were in the bar on a day when 4,600 U.S. Navy personnel were in town.

Despite that, the bar is said to be profitable due to three very unique factors: It has no lease, no key money and absurdly low rent. Dollhouse sits downstairs from Marine Disco and Peppermint Palace on a large block of land given by The King to one of Pattaya oldest families. In return, the “Marine Family” allows two go-gos, the disco, various beer bars and a Muay Thai exhibition ring to operate there on just low monthly rents. With such low expenses, Dollhouse can be profitable on very little income. It’s said to make 200,000 a month in profit, giving it a sale price of about 6 million baht. So while Ken has it on the block, he’s not too concerned how long it takes to sell.
Pattaya Ghost

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pattaya Freelancers

Pattaya has a lot of Ladies working as Freelancers.
You can meet them at Pattaya's Beach Road, at Walking Street, at large Shopping Centers (Carrefour, BigC and Royal Garden Plaza are popular), at Disco Clubs and at Pattaya Beer Garden, Pattaya's first real Freelancer Meeting Place.
Pattaya Beer Garden doesn't ask a Bar Fine and there are no Lady Drinks.

If you like one of the ladies, smile to her.
If she likes you too, she will approach you.
The Ladies usually take between 500 and 1000 Baht.

Pattaya At Night

Pattaya in 1965 from Pattaya Ghost

Land Worth More Than Nana Plaza

The land under Nana Plaza in Bangkok is much more valuable than the rents paid by a bunch of bars.
On top of that - the big hotels in the area want it gone and they are influencing the big Thais to push it they way they want it to go. Which is gone.
Keep in mind - the same “group” that is selling out the Night Bazaar would easily sell out the plaza.
So over time I just think the place will have a hard time providing the same revenue stream that a large condo, office building or mixed use development would provide.
The Big Mango

Honey A Go Go in Pattaya is now Sisterz

Honey A Go Go changed over to Sisterz in September, 2007, is now noted to be expensive in Pattaya. Located on Walking Street.
Here are some shots of the old Honey A Go Go.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bangkok Bad Boy Hits Pattaya

At Pattaya's Whats Up:
The free seats were next to the whipping stage, on which two giggling girlies were punishing each other with one of those foam whips that make far more noise than necessary, without actually, you know, drawing blood or anything. Boring. I took my seat, and immediately received a thwack around the shoulder blades.

“Ha. Nice one. Thanks. Yeah.”
“Yes, very good.”
“Okay, I think you’re beginning to labour the point somewhat.”
“Right, that’s enough now.”
“Seriously, fuck off.”
“Check please.”

Pattaya is the sex capital of the world for a reason. There is a practically unlimited number of women available for sex, usually for less than you’d pay in Bangkok (gogo “superstars” excepted). Some of them even have two legs, two arms, and can point both eyes in the same direction.

Unfortunately, this does attract the kind of Westerners who I don’t really like bumping into, and I stand by that. It’s not a moral judgement thing - a whoremonger in Bangkok is no better than one in Pattaya - it’s that I’ve only ever seen one fight in a Bangkok bar in over two years (and that was on Khao San Road). Whereas it seems to be a nightly occurrence in Pattaya, along with the muggings, rapes, drugs and other unpleasantness.

There are hundreds, nay thousands of beer bars and gogo bars in Pattaya, and - as in Bangkok - most of them are depressingly dull.

The best gogo bars in Pattaya, however, are several orders of magnitude better than the best gogo bars in Bangkok. No contest.

Bangkok Bad Boy