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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bangkok Bad Boy Hits Pattaya

At Pattaya's Whats Up:
The free seats were next to the whipping stage, on which two giggling girlies were punishing each other with one of those foam whips that make far more noise than necessary, without actually, you know, drawing blood or anything. Boring. I took my seat, and immediately received a thwack around the shoulder blades.

“Ha. Nice one. Thanks. Yeah.”
“Yes, very good.”
“Okay, I think you’re beginning to labour the point somewhat.”
“Right, that’s enough now.”
“Seriously, fuck off.”
“Check please.”

Pattaya is the sex capital of the world for a reason. There is a practically unlimited number of women available for sex, usually for less than you’d pay in Bangkok (gogo “superstars” excepted). Some of them even have two legs, two arms, and can point both eyes in the same direction.

Unfortunately, this does attract the kind of Westerners who I don’t really like bumping into, and I stand by that. It’s not a moral judgement thing - a whoremonger in Bangkok is no better than one in Pattaya - it’s that I’ve only ever seen one fight in a Bangkok bar in over two years (and that was on Khao San Road). Whereas it seems to be a nightly occurrence in Pattaya, along with the muggings, rapes, drugs and other unpleasantness.

There are hundreds, nay thousands of beer bars and gogo bars in Pattaya, and - as in Bangkok - most of them are depressingly dull.

The best gogo bars in Pattaya, however, are several orders of magnitude better than the best gogo bars in Bangkok. No contest.

Bangkok Bad Boy

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