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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow! The Big Mango Bar is Moving In Next Door

Does the little old lady still have the little garden that she tends to in the front yard?
And the girls that look bored at the massage parlor?
And the mercedes still parks at the very end of the soi?
And the coconut ice cream guy rides up on his bike in the afternoon so I can buy cold treats for the receptionist?
And just a little closer to soi Nana is a little market with a couple tables where you can get a bite to eat? The Thai neighborhood regulars always sit there. And my Thai girl would buy soda water at the tiny market to rinse with after a blow job….
It was always so peaceful.

You guys will probably use my hotel for short-time use….
I wonder if the prices are now going up because of Big Mango is now in the neighborhood?

Damn, there goes the neighborhood!!!

Pmmp: You are sooo spot on. I’ve spent a few days there now and I’ve seen all that you’ve mentioned. The garden lady is our next door neighbor. She has indicated on more than one occasion that she would like a job in the bar.

(photo by Randy Magnus)

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