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Friday, May 02, 2008

pmmp's comments on showing up early at Spice

Next stop, Spice.
I’ve never been here before 2:00am so was curious to see what it was like.
One word, horrible. A complete waste of time. It was empty, the music was loud, and the staff were running around doing whatever the hell they wanted.

The worse part was when the Coyote girls who are so full of themselves came by with the tray of 200 baht Tequila Shots. Perhaps the biggest ripoff in Bangkok since each shot probably cost them about 5 baht. Anyway, the thing that was annoying is how the Coyote girls try to work the girl your with and peer pressure you into buying one.

I actually got a bit rude when the second set of Coytote waitresses came over and asked again if I want to be ripped off and buy their shit Tequila. We left after that.

Spice would be done if they weren’t so connected to go late late.

(Spice Club is located in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11. It’s mainly an After Hours disco but is also open during evening hours sometimes hosting some big name Thai bands.
The After Hours disco is loaded with freelancers and usually stays open all night.)

pmmp at The Farang Speaks 2 Much

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