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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cockroaches Found at Nana Hotel in Bangkok

Cockroaches are being reported at Nana Hotel,(across from Nana Plaza), both in the rooms and at its restaurant, and these are not the ones on the sidewalk for us to eat.

(ad of Nana Hotel from After Dark Magazine from 1967)

Nana Hotel Update. Part 2
Noticed Nana Hotel prices lately? I just ate lunch there this week and saw that all their prices went up significantly. Had three dishes and drinks and the bill was almost 800 baht. It was about $25 US for lunch at Nana Hotel for two people.

Their lunch buffet is still 200 baht but I had it a few weeks ago and it was the worse buffet I’ve ever had.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, Thailand has become a destination where the locals try to ripp off the visitors as often as possible.
From the scammers at the airport to the con artists lurking near the tourist sites.
They don't like us.