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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Girls in Spanky's Go Go Bar at Nana Plaza

Stickman gives Spanky's GoGo Bar inside Nana Plaza a big thumbs up,
a fun bar with some fun girls.  Check it out,
to see more images, click on

editor note: I usually don't like Spanky's because of the noise they make
by hitting things with the insulation tubing, and the degree of cigarette smoke.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Obsessions A Go Go Bar Inside Nana Plaza

A promo for Obsessions A Go Go, a ladyboy bar in Nana Plaza, Bangkok.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Facebook Conversation about the Old Nana Plaza Days

I'm still waiting for the novel set in the new Nana Plaza with the character reminiscing about the bars that are gone. ie Woodstock, Hogs Breath, Big Mango; one now a closed bar with a bucking steer, Spanky's expanded into Hogs Breath displacing the expats, an upscale shorttime rooms in place of pool tables, and now there's 2 Angelwitches, and what's up with all of the ladyboys? Hanging out with Meow as she manages 11 beer bars in the Nana area, and the re-opening of G-Spot as a Gentleman's club. A little tongue in cheek history of Nana in novel form. You can do it Chris.

Write a classic book with all you have mentioned ...I'll buy it !!!
Superb insight mate, love it !!

I also have fond memories of taking a leak at Angelwitch and to my surprise having the showgirls walk directly behind me on their way to their dressing room.

Throw in some Clinton plaza ( whitehouse etc.) And some washington square and jaunt across asok to soi 33....brilliant
I like it !

Aye, many a time bathroom change.   

Thermea...oh dear ....classic Bangkok...brilliant reading and I haven't even read it yet ! LOL !!

DC 10....the oldest bar in nana ( which chris has already mentioned in one of his novels as a starting point of chapters.)

Now you can have a drink while sitting along side a jacuzzi with 4 Thai girls trying to keep covered with only soap bubbles. Some old guy walks in and tips a 1,000 baht to be shared among the girls in the tub as he does a jig. The loan shark guy comes in with his book of records, checking up on some of his inflated loans. The busty one acknowledges him a few minutes after we had already made eye contact. After her stint in the tub she waits at the bar behind me. I glance over at her and then glance at the business being conducted at the end of the bar, thinking that she might be the money man's squeeze. She turns her head as to say no, and smiles, wanting some attention....   

I could write a book of my exploits but haven't the time ... 

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Changes Inside Nana Plaza

The grand opening for Wild Thing (briefly known as Tokyo Player and Las Vegas A Go-Go before that) on the top floor of Nana Plaza will take place on Tuesday, December 17th.  There will be a free lap dance for every customer who buys a lady drink - I expect some girls are going to be quite busy. (Looks like they painted the stage floor, the Las Vegas gambling table design has gone to white.)

 The revamped G Spot is due to open in mid-January and could see something of a change of direction with word that it's going to be more akin to a gentleman's club than a gogo bar per se.  The word is that the bar will feature sofas and a more comfortable style of seating than is typically found in gogo bars, and be run by the people at The Pimp.

Fantasia in Nana Plaza will soon be known by another name and the bar is undergoing some minor renovations.  The bar has taken on new sexy dancers and on Wednesdays and Fridays they wear sexy, fantasy costumes.  They have also started nightly shows.