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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Changes Inside Nana Plaza

The grand opening for Wild Thing (briefly known as Tokyo Player and Las Vegas A Go-Go before that) on the top floor of Nana Plaza will take place on Tuesday, December 17th.  There will be a free lap dance for every customer who buys a lady drink - I expect some girls are going to be quite busy. (Looks like they painted the stage floor, the Las Vegas gambling table design has gone to white.)

 The revamped G Spot is due to open in mid-January and could see something of a change of direction with word that it's going to be more akin to a gentleman's club than a gogo bar per se.  The word is that the bar will feature sofas and a more comfortable style of seating than is typically found in gogo bars, and be run by the people at The Pimp.

Fantasia in Nana Plaza will soon be known by another name and the bar is undergoing some minor renovations.  The bar has taken on new sexy dancers and on Wednesdays and Fridays they wear sexy, fantasy costumes.  They have also started nightly shows.

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