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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ladyboys Coming Soon to Soi Cowboy

The flavor of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok will change next month and what I hinted at several months ago will soon become reality.
Joy Bar will be replaced by Cockatoo, and with a name like that it can only be Soi Cowboy's first.....drum roll.....ladyboy bar! I believe there is (was?) a ladyboy or two in Midnite but there's no dedicated ladyboy bar in Cowboy so this will be a first.


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Bangkok Partier said...

Not surprised to see Joy bar close. When I was there in November they had the ugliest fat cows I'd ever seen dancing on stage. Just think if Cockatoo turns out to be a ladyboy bar then no more having to go to Nana Plaza to watch ladyboys wagging it in your face on a gogo bar stage in Cascades! Wish them luck.