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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Rain at Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand

It's hard to see which is the busiest or most popular bar area in Bangkok these days with Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza battling it out.
At this time of year, Cowboy suffers more from the rain than any other bar area.
Soi 33 is prone to flooding and soi 22 can be a mess at times too, but those are very much second tier bar areas. Patpong never seems to be too bad and Nana Plaza doesn't suffer terribly either - and you have the advantage of awnings covering most of the plaza so while getting in or out might be a nuisance, moving between the venues is not.
But Soi Cowboy gets it worst and it isn't unusual to see much of the soi underwater few times every rainy season. This year's rainy season has been the worst in memory - and this week they're predicting more water to descend on Bangkok, both from the heavens and from overflowing dams up north!


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