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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nana Plaza Will Continue

The master lease for Nana Plaza is as good as sold. Negotiations are complete and the master lease will be taken over by a group which owns and manages a number of popular Bangkok bars, including gogos and expat pubs. The group has a strong foothold in the industry with bars across different genres, so the Nana Plaza we know will continue!

Expect rents to go up which has to be a good thing. Higher rents means higher prices in the bars. To convince punters to part with more of their hard-earned, the bars will have to invest and look to be more innovative.

Ultimately we should see an improved Nana Plaza with nicer bars, possibly a premium product at a premium price.


1 comment:

Sevin said...

and "premium" prices are a good thing HOW??? the dames and drams in Nana are already overpriced. higher prices than the already overpriced product is a surefire recipe for failure. chok dee with that