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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is the End Near for Nana Plaza? Say It Isn't So.....

The land owners don't appear to be interested in re-leasing to the bars at Nana Plaza, but rather selling the land.
I have said it before, and I will say it again - the land on which Nana Plaza sits is much too valuable for a bunch of gogo bars, some of which generate very little revenue.

My prediction? In 18 months Nana Plaza will be history and the soi 4 we have come to know will change forever.

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Dean Barrett recently mentioned
'there seems to be some question about the future of Nana Plaza, in this case after the end of 2012.
Tracking down ownership of anything in Thailand can be a tricky business but it seems Indians are leasing the place from Chinese who, for all I know, are leasing it from members of Scientology or Falan Kung.'
Dean Barrett

Just say it isn't so........

Werewolf says
"Other nightlife options that have opened to the east as older venues have closed include Penalty Spot near Soi 29, and a slew of places on Soi 11. The owners of Coyote opened the Australia Pub on 11 a couple years back, and are about to open a wine & tapas bar nearby on the same soi.

Queen’s Park Plaza seems to be showing signs of some resurgence, and there’s a vibrant nightlife along Sois Thong Lo and Ekkamai. Sherbert & Piano can’t be said to be “new” anymore, but they’re not long in the tooth yet.

If NEP closes it’ll put a dent in the go go bar business, but there’ll certainly be no shortage of entertainment options. And with Bangkok being Bangkok, it’s likely that the P4P businesses lost at NEP would find an outlet in some form and some location somewhere else.
Perhaps a few stops north on Ratchadapisek Road, linking to the massage heaven of Hway Kwang, or maybe a bit further out along the now extended BTS line, east of Onnut, or even somewhere to the south near Khlong Toei.

One thing is sure; Bangkok won’t close down if NEP does."

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