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Monday, December 31, 2007

Sawat Dee Bee Mai… Happy New Year!

(photo by Randy Magnus)

An Early Report of New Years Eve at Nana Plaza:
It was about 9 pm, so I figured I’d check out the action around Nana. I had a drink in Fantasia, but it was lame. I walked into G-spot and back out. I went upstairs and had a look at Carousel and Hollywood, but they were empty. Rainbow 3 was a ghost-town with three dancers on stage and no customers. The bars on the ground floor (at least the outdoor beer bars) were rocking, and Mandarin Club had been busier than usual, but everywhere else I went was deathly quiet.

Maybe it would pick up later, but between 9:00 and 9:30 it was death valley in these bars.

Another Nana Plaza Update:
It is true: some bars at Nana have made the move to let us say less apparel - and more! The Mandarin Bar upstairs girls seem to have forgotten their skivvies and seem to have forgotten to button their blouses. Shades of Baccara and Erotica! Hollywood now has some good shows involving showers and very scantily clad women (and very good looking women) indeed.
Angelwitch, the bar I believe who dared start the trend, is also right up there in the why not show a bit above the waist category and as always the shows are daring and fun. Angelwitch, even on a Sunday, was doing fine for business.
Dean Barrett

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