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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inactive Bangkok Nightlife Websites

Seems that Bangkok Bad Boy can be added to the list of inactive websites pertaining to the Thailand Nightlife.
For as an intense scene as this, its hard for a person to sustain oneself on a regular basis. I know that after two or three weeks of going out every night, I start to pay less attention to the stimulus and excitement of the scene before me and become more concerned about what all of the secondhand smoke, overly loud music, and alcohol is doing to my body.
Its a lot like the girls in the business. I've seen quite a few who were enthusiastic the first time I met them, but after a year or so of dancing to the same loud music, drinking the same lady's drinks, night after night after night, and saying the same come-on lines, all the nights start being the same.
Just more unfulfilled promises.

Here's a list of some of the website retirees, which includes:
Bangkok Bad Boy
Mango Sauce
Bangkok Girlfriend
Two Fat Farangs
John Galt


gavinmac said...

Morally Diminished was the best of all.

ArtTv said...

Too many crotch closeup shots for me. But if that is your thing, check out the Morally Diminished at

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