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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting the Girl You Want in a Bangkok GoGo Club (One Approach)

“It’s all about body language. If you look too friendly,
you get bothered by the ugly ones because they know they can get away with it. They sense weakness.”
“You must never cause them to lose face,” he agreed. “Use expressions and gestures to get the message across in a non-confrontational way."

We had no sooner sat down than a minger wrapped herself around Sam. When the girl tried to grab his unit, he politely but firmly moved her hand away. When she tried to kiss him, he turned his head away.
When she asked for a Cola, he smiled and told her to take her time. Eventually, Sam moved his knees into a defensive position so that she could not get too near him.

Sam’s tormentor climbed on stage and started dancing next to an absolute stunner.
This was the girl Sam wanted and he began smiling at her and his minger simultaneously while making a drinking gesture to the babe. At the end of their shift, the babe sat down next to him. He bought her a drink and also rewarded the rejected girl with a Cola.

“Everyone is happy,” said Sam. “I have the girl I want and the other girl hasn’t lost face and has a drink. There was no need for any confrontation or rudeness."
On Nutter

(Editor's note: If I'm not interested in a girl, I just gently shake my head, slightly raise my palm to her, and say "no thank you."
My friend would give a 100 baht note to our server and ask her to give it to the girl he wants to see. When she's available she comes and sits by his side, and the relationship begins.)

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