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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Difference Between A Coyote Dancing Club and A Go-Go Club in Bangkok

What’s the difference between coyote dancing and gogo dancing?
Is it that gogo dancing has a pole?

Are the coyote dancers freelancers?
Is the dance floor different?

Or is it a license thing? Limited number of gogo licenses available,
so they bill it as a coyote club?
(photo by Aung@)

smitty says:
go-go is like a half english breakfast,
coyote club is like a full english breakfast.
one costs more.
takes longer to eat and is a more complete meal.
really depends on your goals.

William says:
Here we go again - just as we are beginning to understand what Coyote Dancing is all about, they throw Sao-Za-On Dancing at us....

werewolf says:
I’m not sure I can explain. The owner of the Magic Table has been quoted as saying his bar isn’t a go go bar because it doesn’t have chrome poles.

I’d say that my experience in Bangkok is that on a practical level:
* go go bars have poles; coyote bars don’t
* coyote dancers are high energy dancers with a lot of skill; go go dancers may or may not be talented or energetic
* go go dancers usually dance in bikinis or less; coyote dancers dress in sexy and skimpy clothes, but they are dressed in shorts, etc rather than bikinis
* Coyote dancers are USUALLY employed by the bar where they work and make pretty good money
* Go go dancers are ALWAYS barfinable; coyote dancers usually aren’t.

All that said, I’m no expert. I hope that helps. Maybe someone else knows better than me and can be more exact.

Asian Sweetheart says:
This silly craze called Coyote Dance continues to grow at the Bangkok nightclubs. The idea came from that movie released back in 2002 called Coyote Ugly about a group of trashy girls who run a New York nightclub. The Thais have latched onto the scenes of those tramps dancing on the bar and now some of the clubs do a so-called "Coyote Dance" show. And now they even have a Coyote Dance contest, as in the photo here where the contestants wearing numbers dance for prizes. Apparently the trashier the look the better the chances are of winning.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of so called coyote girls at soi cowboy spice club. To many of us that live in bkk the girls look the same as go go dancers, but the current rouse is to call themselves coyote's and try to get more money from patrons.
For those that can read thai the signs in front seeking dancers basically all have the same salary range. many/most of the so called coyote's have the same limited mentality, drug/ alcohol issues. My comments are not because of language barrier and perception thereof, but from talking to them in their own language, which by the way, is spoken poorly on their part. I have corrected their Thai both spoken and written; not promising.
Nowadays if i go to those places it is to show someone around that may be visiting thailand.

If you attend a trade show or car show at bitec or impact, you may see so called coyote dancers that are quite attractive AND may actually be university students or grads and even capable of holding an intelligent conversation in their native language.

I would liken go go, coyote, freelance to different names for basically the same thing, with varying levels of attractiveness at all levels.

I recently took a friend visiting to cowboy. One alleged coyote it seems was in need of cash, maybe bills to pay or whatever, so she approached us and asked for 3000 baht. For anyone with basic knowledge of cowboy, nana area, this is really amazing. Add a 600-800 bar fine then almost 4000 baht for the pleasure of an uninteresting illiterate female company. Massage centers scattered around the city can offer choice of attractive female, bath, upscale room, 2-2.5 hours inclusive for 1300 baht and up. some place have very nice gals for 1900, and without the idiotic attitudes of some at nana area.

Liwen Ren said...

if you just want to take some hot young girls out, coyote concept in soi cowboy basicly is a scam. I had spent 3 nights in soi cowboy’s kiss bar and paid over 10000 baht, then figured out that those coyote dancers just want you buy more drinks for them and for mamasan(230 baht for a vanilla liqueur). the first day i bought drinks for a coyote and her coyote friends, after I paid 4000 baht I be told that she is a coyote and can not be barfined. mamasan tell me that you can barfine other gogo girls in this bar but not this girl. thinking there’s a will there’s a way, so the second day I bought more drinks for both girls and mamasan (over 5000 baht), negotiating until bar closed (I think after duty time it might be more easy to negotiate with mamasan)and it look works, because next day when I passing by the bar, had a short chat with mamasan (buy drink for mamasan of course), then noted that the coyote girl i’d like to barfine will cost me 8000 baht (barfine is 5000 before midnight and 2500 after midnight, and paid girl 3000 baht for a ST), so i thinking i may just buy some drinks and wait until midnight then barfine her. so i paid another 2500 baht bill in the bar buying some drinks for that coyote and mamasan, when it’s about midnight I ask mamasan to barfine the coyote, she said no, you can not barfine her, because i am not buying her drink right now (I can not keep buying her drinks from 9pm to 12pm)the reason i’d pay barfine after midnight is because i want to save money (barfine 2500 instead of 5000), but the thing is since i sit in bar from 9pm to 12pm I still buy 2500 baht drinks to both girls and mamasan, so there’s no much difference, any way, I be told that I can not barfine that girl, I feel I’m being teased since i went to this bar, I ask mamasan did you say i can barfine that girl for 5500 baht after midnight right before i went into bar. and she is noncommittal, saying you can barfine other gogo girls but can not barfine her. i just leave this bar. and will never back. this is my story in kiss bar coi cowboy. my suggestion is don’t patronize these coyote bars if you like take girl out. if you are just like flirting with some coyote dancers, they are still not a bad choice.

Liwen Ren said...

I hate coyote because in most bars there's no clear policy for you to barfine a coyote. I once paid over 10000 baht in drinks for them, trying barfine one of them and ultimately figured out that they are just cock-teasing. mamasan will hint to you that you can barfine the one you like, and after buying dozens of tequila you probably will be told that she is not for sale. My suggest is don't patronize these bars, and they are sahara, deja vu, kiss, and spice girls..