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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Private Clubbing at Pent

...I took my first bottle and headed for the hip hop room. By this time it was about midnight, and the club closes at 2 am.

The girl who sold me my membership (Joy) never left my side. She drank with me all night (from my bottle, but in very modest amounts) and continually was GENUINELY helpful, introducing girls, pouring drinks, dancing with me, and trying to make sure I had ’sanuk’ (a fun time). At 2 am, she walked me out front and got me into a taxi home.

The girl I thought was so hot earlier spotted me and came over. She mentioned that she saw me watching her dance earlier, so I invited her to have a drink with me.

She talked with me for a few minutes then asked me to buy her a shot of tequila. Having just spent about 21K I declined. Within a minute she told me she had to ‘go dancing’.
Okay, I thought, it’s not any different from a gogo… buy a drink or say goodbye.

To my surprise, when her dance was over, she returned to me. I’ll stress, there were probably 1,000 men there so she had plenty of choices. Since she came back, I bought her the tequila.
In return, she hung out with me to closing time. I had the 30-ish sales lady in a suit on my right, and the 24 yr old dancer with braces on my left. Lots of dancing, hugs, conversation, kisses and fun.

On the stage, things got more enthusiastic as we approached closing time. The girls started pouring water on each other and shedding clothes. They were drinking Chivas straight from the bottle. The dancing got more energetic, with water flying. It was like a high-energy go go bar.

At the end of the night my girl asked about coming home with me. I need to work in the morning, so I told her I’d save it for another day. We traded phone numbers, and I told her I’d see her again soon.

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