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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Mango Bails Out of Nana Plaza

This Friday will be the last day of The Big Mango in Nana Plaza. So go have a burger, a Lao Dark, and barfine one of the girls for me.
I like what David had to say, "If you don’t need the girls any more can I have them?"
(But if they are as crazy as most Thai bar girls, they may be more than a handful.)
Another one bites the bullet at Nana.
Sorry to see you go.
Keep in touch.

It’s 10:30pm on Friday, October 26 — Mango’s last night. The bar is crowded and the girls are in party mode. The owners have just put free food for all on the bar. The customers are a bit subdued, talking about the good times past at The Big Mango, kissing the girls goodbye, and the bell was rung. Best to Smitty, Joe, and all the Big Mango crowd in their next incarnation.

"I want my 30 day closure order. Close me!", he bellowed, his voice ringing out over the plaza. The unmistakeable American accent with a hint of alcohol had zero effect on the girls scurrying out of Nana to soi 4. Someone yelling out at the top of his lungs rates almost zero interest, unless the number "5,000" and the words "time" and "short" are said together in the right order. The few Westerners still in attendance found it rather amusing, although most didn't have a clue what was going on.

It was 2:25 AM, Saturday 27 October. That's the early hours of yesterday. Nana had closed and the plaza's angels were drifting out on to the main road, looking for a late night snack, or preferably, a customer. As the Bangkok night enveloped the plaza with more and more lights slowly being turned off, this lone bar owner vented his frustration, saying goodbye to Nana in his own special way.

He retreated inside and walked to the back of the bar and cranked up the volume of the sound system. Music blared out across the plaza half an hour after the official closing time. The bar owner was tempting fate, but even if he was to receive the closure order, it really wouldn't matter...

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