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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What I Love About Bangkok

Soi Cowboy was hopping with the Suzie Wong show as good as always but the most fun was had in Dollhouse.
No tops and no undie girls cavorting on our laps. Awesome.
Rawhide had a dancer contest with most of the A team and B team competing in mostly naked shows. All good. However it does get old buying the A team girls a drink and they disappear a few sips in.
Doubt I will do that anymore.

After closing down Cowboy we hit Spicy on Rong Muang. It was rammed. We could barely get a table but managed to share a table with 3 cuties. Within moments of joining them some Japanese guy came over and handed one of them some cash. She handed it to her friend who counted it and then 2 of the girls left. The last girl stayed, who my friend took home, but later the other 2 reappeared after taking care of business. Spicy can be all business at times but yet on some nights you might meet nice office or uni girls. Love it. Spicy appears to still be the king of after hours.

Farang Speaks 2 Much

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