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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Are The Good Old Days Gone ?

So while many guys come to Thailand looking for the girlfriend experience, all they often end up getting is a quick bonk, a quick fix. That's it. To make matters worse they are often paying upwards of 4,000 Thai baht for it! To put that in perspective, it's almost $US 120.

Don’t believe me? Find one of the genuinely pretty girls in Nana Plaza – and I am afraid there are fewer and fewer that meet this description these days. Typically the most attractive girls want at least 3,000 baht for short time. Of course you can get some for less, but the prettiest girls want AND command that. The barfine is 600 baht. You’ve had a drink or two yourself and she’s hand one so that’s another 350 baht. And if you take her to a short time hotel, that is going to be a few hundred baht more. All up, for what may end up being half an hour of passion (if that!), you’re paying 4,000+ baht. What a rip off!


(Editor's note: With the prices going up and the US dollar going down (a 1,000 baht use to cost about $25.50 US dollars, now a 1,000 baht cost about $34.14).
Has anyone heard any updates from Phnom Penh in Cambodia lately?
Did the military coup mark the beginning of the end as we know it?)

Note from On Nutter about room service at the Walkabout Hotel in Phnom Penh:
A very cute Cambodian girl knocks on the door. She was about 21, dark-skinned and with an appealing look of untamed beauty. She brushed past me, checked the room and said: “You no have lady. You want short time?”

It was a VERY short time. She looked even better when she stripped off, with beautiful pert breasts. I knew this wasn’t going to be the girlfriend experience. Our union was brutal and brief, but oh so needed. She asked for 20 US dollars (about 680 baht at current, very favourable exchange rates) and I happily handed over the greenbacks.

Later, talking to the old hands in the downstairs bar, I learned the short-time rate was $10 to $15, with long time starting at $20. Even those rates are negotiable. While I had undoubtedly been ripped off, who cares at those prices? I mentally applauded the girl for taking advantage of a newbie.

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