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Monday, March 09, 2009

Stopping by Soi Cowboy - Rawhide and Midnite GoGo Clubs

The crew of girls at Rawhide looked pretty much the same as before the fire. I saw Na, the first girl I ever barfined from Rawhide, who — three years later — has the same beautiful smile, great attitude, voluptuous body and lovely skin that first attracted me.
Also present was the girl I often think is the sexiest go go dancer in Bangkok — Kung. I bought her a drink, put my hand on her thigh for a few minutes and, since she was sitting at my table topless, used both hands to check whether her left and right breast were the same size. The initial test was inconclusive so I checked several times. I believe I’ll have to check again next time in.

My mate and I decided to make one more stop, and agreed on Midnite Bar. I seem to be the only commenter on the internet that likes this go go, but I have a good time every time I go there.

Somehow, over the past four years they’ve managed to keep the place stocked with young and slender 40 kilo girls with perfect little titties with brown pointed nipples… just the way I like them. Every dancer on stage at Midnite was topless, and they had just a gauzy little skirt with no panties, so there was nothing left to the imagination.


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