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Monday, March 30, 2009

More Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Reports

I was a victim of a ladyboy pickpocket last Thursday night about 9:30 PM between the Westin and Robinson's on Sukhumvit. I was walking along and suddenly she pops in front of me, quickly pulls out her left tit from the red dress she was wearing, grabs my hand and places it on her breast and demands I go with her! Quickly in my attempt to push her away she had her other hand in my back pocket extracting my wallet. As I immediately realized what had happened I turned around to grab her and in her defense she dropped it and was very apologetic. Momentarily in my fury I was going to take this further, however I realized 3 Thai guys were casually standing around close by and decided that she was not alone and kept on walking with my wallet in tact.

As I approached Robinson's I saw a policeman standing outside and informed him what had happened 50 metres up the road only a minute earlier. To my astonishment his reply was "Ladyboy just do her job. You must to be more careful. Go police station speak them!" I asked him what he was going to do about it. "Mai pen rai, mai pen rai" he replied and walked away! I have been coming to Bangkok every 3 or 4 months for the last 10 years but I have never felt so uneasy walking around Sukhumvit as I felt during my last trip. Things are certainly changing for the worse.

Another Report:
Last night I was walking from Soi Cowboy towards Robinson's when I spotted 2 ladyboys and about 4 Thai boys hiding in the shadows next to the BTS stairs. The ladyboy made a hand signal to the young Thais and positioned herself to intercept me. It was a trap. Fortunately I was sober enough to see what was going on and quickly moved my wallet to my front pocket. The ladyboy saw me do this and gave a smile to the Thai boys. At this point I reversed course, jumped back 3 feet, and stepped out into oncoming traffic....

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