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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bill's Updated Impression of the Front of Nana Plaza 3-09

The human zoo that is the area in front of Nana Entertainment Plaza can only be partially captured on camera - the rest will require witness; as taxis and tuk-tuks nudge their way into the street-crowd to pick up and drop off the flux of nightcrawlers. Food and insect sellers vie for space with bikini and toy vendors on overcrowded sidewalks, as buy-outs on the arms of their johns, thread past, heading for nearby short-time hotels. Transgenderite whores mingle with the usual crowd of street hookers as the night heats up. Children selling roses and mali garlands tug on shirtsleeves like puppies on your cuff, while Surin elephants and their mahouts wander through it all, begging.
Read more and get an updated map of Nana Plaza at Bangkok Eyes.

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