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Friday, July 18, 2008

Breast Implants in Pattaya, Thailand

In Pattaya silicone seems much in fashion at Peppermint these days and another fresh, smooth-skinned 23-year-old showcase girl apparently got herself a set two months ago. She claims they cost 80,000 baht, but, from my hands-on research on the subject, I think she overpaid. Bolt-ons that expensive are usually very soft and natural. Hers were not.

They still look good, however, and for the price of one draft beer, she allowed me to continue my research. She claims to have worked in Pattaya only six months and got the add-ons two months ago. That means she had to have saved up 80,000 baht in four months. Knowing how fast Thai girls run through barfine money, that seemed unlikely. But that was her story and she was sticking to it.
Pattaya Ghost


The Ghost said...

Wow, my writing is actually pretty entertaining when taken in snippets like that!

Yo Art! Think you can add The Pattaya Ghost to your resource list? You're on mine (wink, wink)

Don said...

Nice looking but a bit to much in size and cost.

Anonymous said...

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