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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bang for the Buck in Bangkok

The cost of sex in Bangkok:

Go-Go Bars:
Total: 1020 baht in the bar, 300 for the room, 20 for condom, and 1500 for the dirty deed of darkness.
All in all, 2840. Again, this is definitely on the cheap side, at least for me.
Rounds: One.
Bucks-per-bang: $84.73 x 1 = $84.73

Performance: On this occasion was awesome.
In the bath, up against the tiles, on the sofa,
and pretty much everywhere except on the bed.
Total: 2,000 baht
Rounds: Two
Bucks-per-bang: $59.67 x 2 = $29.84

Performance: Extremely enthusiastic.
Total: 2,000 baht
Rounds: Two
Bucks-per-bang: $59.67 x 2 = $29.84

BJ Bars:
Lolita’s works out at a marvellously economical $20.88 bucks per bang, assuming you don’t buy a drink (which is perfectly acceptable), but that’s oral-only.

Bangkok Bad Boy

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