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Friday, April 25, 2008

A White Girl's Impression of Nana Plaza

Nik showed me a 3 story club that was called Nana plaza 1/3 famous sex districts. She said the 1st floor was erotic, 2nd floor was hardcore, and the 3rd floor was absolutely disgusting.
There were some gorgeous girls and Lady-boys dancing in front with numbers attached to their garments.
Nik explained to me that they were for purchase. My mouth dropped. I realized I am so sheltered. "Really?" -"YES!"
I looked around the room and saw a few locals, a few swingers, and several fat white men draped by gorgeous young Thai girls.
Nik told me that it was common to see young Thai girls with old fat bald white men, and that after their confidence was built up they'll try to flirt with me. YUCK!

I think my eyes were popping out of my head. This wasn't my scene at all, as you all know, but I did want to see and experience the seedy side of BKK.
We went to the 3rd floor, into a cramped bar, and took a seat on the top level of the stadium seating.
On stage in front of us were 15-20 almost naked young Thai women with number pinned to them. Men slobbered like dogs as they danced.
About 15 mins. later they put on a series of sex shows. I was in awe and completely disturbed. I don't understand how a country that is so religious co-mingles with prostitution. Crazy!
Tracy Hicks

Editors notes:
(I always thought the placement of the gogo clubs was random, depending on what was available at the time, and what was done in each club was dependent solely on its management and what they thought they could get away with.
Its too bad such a religious person does not understand that Buddhism teaches acceptance, and to be non-judgemental.)

Its too bad she didn't bar-fine one of the girls, she might of had a really good time.

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Nero said...

If you studied Buddhism you'd find that it comes down pretty hard on sexual impurity. So the girl's surprise at finding this open decadence in a so-called Buddhist country is not out of place. And take care that in your eagerness to espouse a non-judgemental attitude, you don't judge others who don't agree with the lifestyle you choose. Tolerance is not about agreement, it's about living with differences and being free to disagree.