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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Werewolf Finds His Dream Bar Girl in Soi Cowboy

...that luscious mouth, I knew the way she could kiss with it, appeared to have lips that were fuller and softer than I remembered. On Thursday I thought she was attractive; last night she looked stunning.
But I was surprised when she came out of the bathroom, laid the towel on the arm of the sofa, and then approached the bed in all her glory. I was surprised because she didn’t say a word, she just kneeled on the bed between my legs and started sucking my cock.

Oh my god. That mouth that I’d been kissing so enthusiastically on Thursday night is very talented. She has a mouth that was made for sucking. She took long deep pulls on my dick and had me as hard and high as the Eiffel Tower in seconds. She stayed down there for a long time, switching to licking and sucking ....

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