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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Recent Visit to the Kangaroo Club in Bangkok

I never have a problem with the price of blow job bars. There’s no barfine, no cost for short time room, I don’t have to buy a drink for the girls or a taxi to the room. I have always seen it to be a fairly straightforward transaction. Sort of like ordering a pizza for dinner… it’s quick, easy, you don’t have to do any work at all, and when it’s finished you feel satisfied.

I enjoyed the visit to Kangaroo Bar last night more than most. Honestly, the lights are low, my eyes are closed… it doesn’t matter what they look like if they know how to do the job right, and these two definitely knew how to do the job.
As Arnold says: I’ll be back.


dave said...

What are the charges at Kangaroo Club? Thanks

Anonymous said...

in july 2009
800 BHT/ BJ
100 BHT for Singha Beer