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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pattaya Update

It might be quiet at this time of year but there are some major developments steaming ahead in Pattaya that will play a part in the gradual, but very definite change in the face of Thailand's naughtiest beach resort. The large multi-building complex on the Second Road, opposite the Lek Hotel, is a shopping centre not dis-similar to the Big C complex at the north Pattaya end of Second Road. This new complex which is home to a 24 hour branch of McDonalds and a Major Cineplex, both of which are open already.

Also under construction, the even bigger Central shopping centre on the Beach Road is not going ahead quite so fast, but when finished that it has got to contribute towards giving Pattaya something of a more legitimate feel.

But despite all of these developments being erected at a furious pace, Pattaya remains awfully quiet and as has been reported for a number of weeks now, the bars are really hurting. Waking Street's trade isn't helped by evening drizzle which keeps punters in restaurants, and out of the bars. Entrepreneurial locals are selling umbrellas along Walking Street for 200 baht. The same thing will set you back 99 baht in Bangkok's Pratunam Market.


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