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Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Katoey Experience

On entering Cascades I was pleasantly surprised how big the place was. We take a seat and order drinks. What surprised me even more was how long it took my Thai wife to realize these were all ladyboys, most of them really do look stunning. Been thai I thought she would click on straight away but she didn't, these Katoeys have come on leaps and bounds over the years.

Pretty soon we are approached by hopefuls and the voices are the big give away, the penny drops and I produce my best expression of total surprise.
Within minutes we are joined by 3 ladyboys and my missus is loving it, chatting, joking and ordering drinks.....shit.
The main subject was breast implants, a topic me and the wife had been recently discussing (for her benefit of course) and it turns out it can be done for 45,000baht, alot cheaper than I had found on the internet.
Over the next 15 minutes I am feeling silicone breasts,with the encouragement of wifey, to decide on which would be the best size.

Over the next 2 hours I am informed, via my wife, which ladyboy has the biggest cock in the place, who gets the most business...she is actually numbered #1 and has been known to be bar fined up to 4 times in one night.
How many work there...approximately 100 ladyboys and while all this is going on I've got some dude in a bikini sat next to me asking for short time while my missus is busy chatting.
What the wife didn't twig on to was the fact 'why they were been so friendly' was due to the constant rounds of drinks been ordered.

Pattaya Addicts

Photo from the book
"The Katoeys of Nana Plaza"
check it out.

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