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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nana: Angelwitch Update

Excerpts and Comments on Bangkok's Nightlife by
Bangkok Bad Boy, Dave the Rave, and Stickman

Angelwitch is located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza - if you go up the staircase on your left as you enter the Plaza, it’s the third bar or so on your right.
Currently Nana’s most expensive place to drink, bottled beer sells for a depressing ฿130 (US $3.50), almost as much as back in Blighty! However, the bar is also one of the best go-gos in Bangkok - at least in this author’s opinion.
Whilst there’s not as much bare flesh on display as in Soi Cowboy, this is the same for all of Nana’s bars (at least, all the ones I’ve visited recently). What Angelwitch does offer, however, is decent rock music (a refreshing change from the usual techno-crap), and some of the best choreographed shows in Bangkok. We’re not talking the gynaecological shows of Patpong, but well-produced flashy (not to mention arousing!) dance routines.
The bar can get pretty crowded - a victim of its own success I guess, but like so many things it really depends on when you visit. The girls range in quality, there are certainly a few stunners here but also a few at least approaching their sell-by date. Still, everyone’s taste is different! Barfine is ฿600 (US $16.08), the girls’ prices vary wildly - some have quoted me almost double what others have wanted.
Overall, very much recommended - but perhaps not somewhere to drink the whole night , unless you want to spend top dollar!

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