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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hanging Out with Dean Barrett at Nana

Dean’s Favorite bar?
Any bar in which there is a beautiful woman who will refer to me as “hansum man.” I love to sit outside bar areas when the girls are arriving for work and watch the action. It has a charm to it that you find nowhere else in the world.

Mind you trying to have a conversation with Dean Barrett is not easy with so many lovely girls around. I have lost count how many times Dean has wandered off into fantasy land because yet another young dolly bird fluttered his heart. But, before stupid thoughts like marriage proposals begin to emerge, Dean snaps right out of it like the seasoned veteran that he is.
Dave the Rave

Dean Barrett comments later on:
The story of my life: Sitting on a stool in the Texas Lone Star Saloon. A pretty young thing (by Lone Star standards) sitting next to me stroking me a bit. Finally, I say: “Hey! Don’t get me excited. You know what would happen then.”

She responds with, “Yes. We walk to ATM.”
Wisdom out of the mouth of "babes."

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