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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Under-Aged Sex in Bangkok, Thailand

First, if sex with minors appeals to you, don’t go to Thailand. Sooner or later you’ll be caught.

Second, check the girl’s ID card. Thailand uses the oriental calendar. This year (2012) is 2555. Therefore, the girl’s ID card must show that she was born in the year 2537, or earlier. Any number higher than 2537 means the girl is under-age. No matter where you meet the girl, whether it is at a bar, on the streets, at the beach, or anywhere else, make sure to check her ID card before you take her to a room with you.

If she claims she doesn’t have one, don’t take her. Perhaps the girl is Laotian, working illegally in Thailand. That’s not your problem. That’s her problem. However, you still need to be sure that she is at least 18. Don’t rely on simply asking the girl how old she is. Some girls will lie about their age.

If you have any doubt, don’t take her. The law still applies, whether she is a Thai citizen or not. If she has no ID card, but you wish to bar fine her from a bar, at least verify her age with the bar owner or the mamasan. If there is no kind of documentation available at all, then you are at serious risk. If you take her anyway, make sure to have the desk clerk at your hotel question the girl. The desk clerks know all the bullshit that takes place. If the desk clerk says there is no problem, you can believe that. If he says that there is a problem, get rid of the girl . . . quick.

It also couldn’t hurt anything, even if the girl showed you what you perceived to be a legitimate ID card, to have the desk clerk check it anyway. If the girl is carrying a fake ID, the desk clerk will know it. The police will not be sympathetic at all, even if you were duped by a fake ID.

If it were me, and I found that I had innocently bar fined an under-age girl, or a girl carrying a fake ID, I’d be right back at that bar demanding the money refunded.

Consorting with minor under 18 years of age, with or without the consent of the minor, is a criminal offense. Section 319 of the Penal Code reads:

“Whoever takes away from the parent a minor over fifteen years, but not yet over eighteen years of age, guardian or person looking after such minor for financial gain or indecent purposes with the consent of such minor, shall be punished with imprisonment of two to ten years and a fine of four thousand to twenty thousand baht.”

If you engage in any kind of sexual activity with anyone who is even one day younger than age 18, then you are committing an extremely serious crime in Thailand. The consequences will be devastating, and your life is quite likely to be absolutely destroyed. At best, if you are caught, you might be able to bribe your way out of it if you have enough cash with you, and we’re talking about a minimum of US $5000, and probably much more than that by the time you’re through. Don’t count on being able to bribe your way out of it at all, though. As they say in the west, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” Whether you agree with it or not, the laws about sex with minors in Thailand are quite strict and if you are caught, now you have a big problem.

My recommendation is: stick to those over 18 years old for your own sake.

Big Baby Kenny

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