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Monday, October 22, 2012

Nana Plaza Update 10-2012

It might not be high season yet in Bangkok but business has picked up in Nana Plaza with the plaza having a booming Friday night. Many of the big name bars are so full that groups entering the bar quickly found that there were no free seats and had to head off into another bar.

Carnival on the top floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza has picked up since it reopened following renovations. It's still fairly quiet, but not as quiet as it was - which shows just how bad things were. It seems that the group that acquired the Crown Group of bars (of which Carnival is one) will go through the venues and do them up one at a time.

There might be an idea to rename a couple of the gogo bars in the Crown Group which have been doing miserable trade for years. There's no value in keeping a damaged brand name. There are two bars in the group whose name I would not tinker with though - G Spot and Voodoo. Long-termers remember when each of these bars had a legitimate claim to being the best bar in the plaza.

In Voodoo's case it was in the mid to late '90s and for G Spot it was around the turn of the century. These two brand names should be retained and wouldn't it be great to see the original concept of each bar return? Voodoo was jammed with the most attractive girls in the group and G Spot had the famous shower show.

Nana Plaza has been home to packs of cats for as long as I have been in Bangkok, although with the clean-up of the plaza that started a couple of months back there do seem to be fewer around which, again, might be due to fewer vendors more than anything else.

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