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Friday, August 06, 2010

A Pessimistic View of the State of Nana Plaza

For long time customers, the old Plaza took on the air of a derelict hulk being towed to the wreckers to be broken up for scrap.
Personally, I took a piece of the rubble as a keepsake just like Germans snatched pieces of the Berlin Wall when it was finally torn down. I suggest others do the same before it is too late.
The inside skinny has long been that the when the master lease is up in the next couple of years, the land on which Nana Plaza stands will be sold, the plaza razed, and a hotel built on the site.

Big Baby Kenny

(photo taken with his Panasonic GF1 with its 20mm 1.7 lense)

1 comment:

Bangkok Blogger said...

Yes I, and many others think so, Nana Plaza is soon to be no more...

What worries me even more is that Soi Cowboy is goingto be all thats left with many of the bars being plasticy, with no soul, the same as Las vegas..