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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Center Bars of Nana Plaza Torn Down - Finally

After years of it being considered a fire hazard, the center bars of Nana Plaza are no more. The fire department thought that it would be necessary in case of a fire in Nana Entertainment Plaza that they would be able to drive inside to fight a blaze.

I remember when it was hard to walk inside the complex with all of the motorcycles blocking the entrance.

Will it be better, or is it part of the end of Nana?
Maybe its the start of a new renaissance.

(photos by Randy Magnus)


Jack Ben Phil said...

on a practice run at least, i'd like to see then try to drive a fire truck through that tight entrance between luke's and big dog's

Anonymous said...

6 or 7 years ago, a terrorist was caught with a target list for bombings.
Israel embassy and Nana Plaza were on the list. ( I have not been inside since)
Now, a truck bomb can go right inside.
Will someone install the proper protection at the entrance I wonder?