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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shark Bar at Soi Cowboy #2

Shark Bar on soi Cowboy is famous to have some of the prettiest girls in town. This one was pretty and sexy. Nice face, tight body, silicone breast but not too much, nice legs and a naughty smile.

I called her and she sat with me. After a quick chit chat I asked for a ST. “ok, but 2500 baht”. “Come on, I know the place, all girls here go for 2000 baht”. “All girls yes, but look around you. I’m the prettiest girl in this bar!” (and she laughed). I did. She was.
I paid the 2500 baht.

Suk Psycho


Jim said...

some pics from inside would be cool.

also inside pics from bars like Obsession and Cascade would be cool.

ArtTv said...

Gogo clubs in Thailand all have big signs saying "NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED", and they mean it.