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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FLB Bar in Pattaya Taken Off The Air

Watch live video from FLB Pattaya Channel on
The live feed has been discontinued. But I found this link to its archives.
Click on the play arrow and check it out.


Ba Tanha said...

Darn. I was going to visit there on my next trip and call my friend elsewhere, then get a girl to give him a treat on camera live. Ah well. Anyone know of any other live video cameras in Pattaya Bars or elsewhere in Pattaya?

Anonymous said...

Ba Tanha, dont' worry, FLB just moved from transmitting from JustinTV to another site. You can receive their live transmission at
Once you get in, just sign in or register if you are not already a member. Good luck

Anonymous said...

FLB Bar in Pattaya taken off the air at but they are now broadcasting and can be found at

flb said...

Actually, the correct URL for the webcam broadcast is now
We have achieved some independence from our streaming broadcaster, so this site address will remain stable.