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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nana Entertainment Plaza by Peter

Nana Plaza is a four story complex of go go bars where you can have some beers, chat up some girls (expect to pay somewhere around 150 baht each for drinks for the ladies who you want to talk to), and pay the “bar fine” of somewhere around 600 baht (a little under $20 US) to the club to take the girl out.
That fee only gets the girl out of the bar though, so you’re going to have to negotiate any extra services with the girls before you pay the bar fine. The girls set their own prices, but 2000 baht to take her to your hotel room for an hour or two is pretty typical.

My real recommendation, if you’re in town for a while, is to hire one of the bar girls to be your tour guide to the local’s Bangkok on one of your first nights there, because that worked out amazingly well for me. No regular tour guide would have had me drinking beer and eating crickets by the river at 4am, but it was one of the highlights of my first trip to Thailand.

In Soi Cowboy the After Skool Bar is a place where you can get a bj while having a beer (so I’ve been told) and Cock-a-too is a ladyboy bar.
Baccara girls are the biggest hustlers on the block, but they’re also probably the most attractive, and you can see the most nudity there as well.
They have bikini clad girls on the main floor, but there’s a glass ceiling above you, and the girls dancing above you wear short skirts and no panties, so you can get quite a view if you don’t mind craning your neck and looking like a pervert.

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