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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nana Plaza Food Court

To get to the Nana Plaza food court you go thru a beauty salon and up 2 flights of stairs.

The first thing to notice is how hot it gets in there. So most of the girls phone in their orders and have runners deliver their food to their respective go-go club.

A few of the choices include pork with egg over rice and green papaya salad. Please note that the food is geared for the go-go dancers, who like it very spicy.

A couple of the hard working cooks preparing the food to be delivered to various parts of Nana Entertainment Plaza.

I use to enjoy eating at the various food stalls around Nana Plaza, sampling their dishes at the different locations along the walkways. The cooks would get to know you, and it was a friendly atmosphere.
Now its extremely hot in the small quarters all of them are placed into the same room that's located in the very top of the Nana Plaza complex. I was sweating bullets from both the spiciness of the food and from the heat in the room that's generated by all the cooking that's going on in one small quarters.
So if you want to eat at Nana, phone in your order and have it delivered, and avoid all the stairs. Leave that for the delivery boys to climb up and down.

photos by Randy Magnus

(Please note that the Hamburger Stand at the entrance of Nana Plaza is back, the same as before she left.)

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